It is stated that you can achieve anything you want, (within reason) if you put your mind to it. Unfortunately, most people don't follow a logical process of setting goals, mapping out the steps to reach these goals and then taking those steps. Instead, they rely on chance alone hoping things will "just happen."

In order to achieve your long term goals, you need to know what they are and work toward them. Write your goals down and focus on them, otherwise you will be spinning your wheels and depending on luck. Your goals should be measurable and they need a tangible result or numeric measurement that you can check.

Goals should be given deadlines. Knowing which goal should be achieved first is important to achieving your long term goals. This also help set the pace in achieving your goals. You can list your one-month, one-year and five-year goals for both your work and life. Make sure you prioritize them and list steps that are required to achieve these goals.

Work on the next steps as part of your regular to-do list management. In time, each goal will be either achieved or managed. Don't forget to revisit your goals on a regular basis. Add new goals and eliminate old ones, then revise your goal management steps accordingly.

You can achieve more if you set goals and work toward them. Working toward your goal with hard work will beat shear luck any day.