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A personal greeting from Steve, NetAdminWorld's founder and CEO.

Networks can be totally different in their complexity, yet they all share the same basic function and that is to provide the connection between users, peripherals and the Internet. Our goal is to see that your I.T. questions are addressed and answered.

You Have Networking Questions, We Have Networking Answers.
Here's some of the services we provide.

Network Planning & Design

If you are a business, we will help you develop a network strategy along with action plans that can assist you in achieving your business goals. If you are a home network user, we can provide the same level of assistance to assure you that your home network is going to meet your needs.


Networks can be simple or complex depending on the needs of the company or user. Whether it is a simple network wiring task, assistance with IP Addressing or standard configurations, we can assist you in the physical implementation of your network. Our experience extends from the basic networking needs to the more complex setup for a small to mid-sized business.


We provide training that will help users become more self-confident and self-sufficient with their networks. We can teach you the basics of troubleshooting that can help you prevent a call for assistance that could be easily resolved without a service call.

We take this training further by providing information that can be used by not only network users but for students training in the I.T. field.