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The Internet is the largest engineered system ever created by mankind with hundreds of millions of connected computers, communication links and switches. Billions of users connect via laptops, tablets and smartphones, and with an array of Internet connected devices such as sensors, Web cams, game consoles, picture frames, and even household appliances.

All of this boils down to individual networks, and this is where we are going to focus our thoughts.

Network Planning

A Plan Of Action For Your Network Will Help Avoid The Unexpected

When you design a new LAN, regardless of the number of users, you must first consider the needs of the users as well as the budget that you must work with. Though simple enough in theory, there is much to consider. There are basically six aspects that you must consider when building a computer network, be it for a SMB or a large Enterprise campus. These are:

Network Setup

Establishing Your LAN

Here is when your role as the Network Administrator gets involved and where your responsibilities lay. You will be expected to perform these tasks unless your organization is large, with an adequate network structure already in place and with the assistance of perhaps a Junior Network Administrator.

Network Support

Supporting Your Users

As an administrator or a network support engineer, you will probably be called upon to maintain and existing corporate Enterprise network. If you work as a part of a third party vendor, your role in network support may be with smaller businesses or even home users.